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31 January 2018 — CRUSH 2.41 Release

CRUSH 2.41-1 is released and is available on the Download page. It fixes several unfortunate bugs that plagued the previous 2.40 series of releases, such as:

It also brings several improvements and an up-to-date configuration for HAWC+, more tweaks and fixes, updated documentation, and a better organized source package for developers. See the complete list of fixes and improvements offered by this release.

15 January 2018 — CRUSH 2.41 Second Beta Release

Second beta 2.41-b2 is released.

8 January 2018 — CRUSH 2.41 First Beta Release

CRUSH 2.41-b1 is released.

16 November 2017 — Goodbye SourceForge, hello GitHub!

After many happy years of hosting the CRUSH and jnum source codes, bug tracker, and releases at, the repos have now migrated to GitHub where you may find them as attipaci/crush and attipaci/jnum. The move is part preference for Git vs. SVN, part the availability of web-based tools, part a more vibrant community, and part just modernity. Feel free to get engaged.

24 September 2017 — CRUSH 2.40 Update

An updated CRUSH release (2.40-2) is now available from the Download page. It fixes the buggy handling of output map units in the prior release. The bugs did not affect the default outputs in Jy/beam, but it did mess up maps when requesting alternative units like mJy/beam, Jy/pixel, or MJy/sr. the fixes have been regression tested by Melanie Clarke for HAWC+ reduction quality.

24 September 2017 — CRUSH 2.40 Release

CRUSH — 2.40-1 — is released. The main highlights are:

14 September 2017 — CRUSH 2.40 Beta Test Release

The beta release of the next CRUSH (2.40-b1).

11 August 2017 — CRUSH 2.40 Alpha Test Release

The first public alpha release of the next CRUSH (2.40-a3).

27 April 2017 — CRUSH 2.34 Update 3

CRUSH 2.34-3 is now available from the Download page. Apart from smaller fixes, it brings crushtools (e.g. show and imagetool) support for images written in Jy/pixel units. For HAWC+, it brings updated configurations, and implementations of Darren's flux jump correction (see jumpdata option), and Bill Vacca's atmospheric flux correction (available via the tau=atran option) schemes. See the complete list of changes.

22 February 2017 — CRUSH 2.34 Update

CRUSH 2.34-2 release. The main highlights are:

20 January 2017 — CRUSH 2.34 Release

CRUSH 2.34-1 is now available from the Download page. The main highlights are:

30 December 2016 — CRUSH 2.34 Beta Test Release

2.34-b1 (beta) is released.

23 October 2016 — CRUSH 2.33 Release

CRUSH 2.33-1 is now available from the Download page. The release contains an unusually long list of changes. Many of them the changes target HAWC+. For most other cameras, there is no significant change in reduction quality compared to the prior release. Instead, a lot of the changes aim improve code architecture, address possible instabilities, and improve user experience. Some of the major changes are:

29 August 2016 — CRUSH 2.33 Beta Test Release

The beta test release of the next CRUSH (2.33-b1) is now available from the Download page. The update does not affect reductions — its results should match those of the previous stable release exactly. However, beneath the surface a huge amount of work went into architecture improvements, such as a complete overhaul reporting of informational, warning, and error messaging system; and more consistent parsing of input text files across the board.

4 August 2016 — CRUSH 2.33 First Alpha

The alpha test release 2.33-a1.

29 June 2016 — CRUSH 2.32 Release

CRUSH 2.32-1 released. Some of the major changes are:

9—22 June 2016 — CRUSH 2.32 Beta Test Releases

Beta releases (2.32-b1 and 2.32-b2).

6—11 May 2016 — CRUSH 2.32 Alpha Test Releases

Alpha test releases (2.32-a1 and 2.32-a2).

20 April 2016 — CRUSH 2.31 Release

Announcing the third beta release of the next CRUSH (2.31-1). You can grab it from the Download page. Its highlights are:

See the complete list of changes for details.

22 March 2016 through 18 April 2016 — CRUSH 2.31 Beta Test Releases

2.31 beta test releases (b1 through b4).

22 February 2016 — CRUSH 2.31 Alpha Test Release

First 2.31 alpha test release.

14 December 2015 — CRUSH 2.30 Update

This third update (2.30-4) is a bug-fix and maintenance release. It fixes unfortunate oops in processing SCUBA-2 data: the prior release discarded all but the first subscan from each scan. It also fixes a bug in the parameter accounting (used in noise estimates), and provides other fixes and improvements. The updated release is now available on the Download page.

5 October 2015 — CRUSH 2.30 Update

This second update (2.30-3) fixes the SCUBA-2 astrometry for objects tracked in apparent coordinates (e.g. Solar System objects).

4 October 2015 — CRUSH 2.30 Update

The update (2.30-2) fixes an ugly SCUBA-2 astrometry bug (incorrect tracking coordinates).

22 September 2015 — CRUSH 2.30 Release!

CRUSH had a bit of an engine overhaul of late. The release (2.30-1) features a brand new parallel architecture, which should provide a performance boost, especially to single scan reductions on multi-core machines (hence the version bump). Here are the most important highlights:

Let me know how it fares, and if you encounter any bugs or issues...

6 September 2015 — 2.30 beta test release

The beta test release (2.30-b1) is available.

22 July 2015 — 2.30 first test release

The alpha test release (2.30-a2) is available.

16 June 2015 — CRUSH 2.23-1 Release

CRUSH 2.23-b4 is released. The highlights of the release are:

Report any bugs or issues back to Attila Kovacs attila[AT]

29 April 2015 — CRUSH 2.23 Fourth Beta

Yet another beta release (2.23-b4)...

27 April 2015 — CRUSH 2.23 Third Beta

Third beta release (2.23-b3).

24 April 2015 — CRUSH 2.23 Second Beta

Second beta release (2.23-b2). The previous beta (2.23-b1) was broken for some regular arrays, such as GISMO, as a piece of newly shared common code produced unintended behaviour. This second beta fixes the issue.

20 April 2015 — CRUSH 2.23 First Beta

First beta release (2.23-b1). (Note, this release contained some critical bugs!)

1 April 2015 — CRUSH 2.22-1 Release

The latest stable release (2.22-1) is released. Its highlights are:

Report any bugs or issues back to Attila Kovacs attila[AT]

13 March 2015 — Test Release

The beta test release (2.22-b1).

13 January 2015 — CRUSH 2.21 Release

The stable 2.21-1 release brings some important bug fixes (affecting the 2.20 releases), and a regular dose of new features, fixes, and improvements.

9 December 2014 — CRUSH 2.21 Beta Test Release

CRUSH (2.21-b1) released.

21 August 2014 — CRUSH 2.20 Update 3

Polygon-draw mode (in show tool) was broken in the previous update. This latest re-release (2.20-3) provides the fix! Or, check out the up-to-date list of changes, or see more details about the 2.20 releases below.

6 August 2014 — CRUSH 2.20 Update

The updated stable release (2.20-2) fixes the equatorial coordinate display bug in the show tool, which was introduced in the original release. It also introduces a new Distance Measure Mode in the same tool, and includes some other smaller fixes and improvements.

24 July 2014 — CRUSH 2.20 Release

The stable 2.20-1 release includes the latest nom.tam.fits libraries for handling FITS files, streamlines the old CRUSH 1.xx tools (by discarding all the SHARC-2 specific code relics!), and jazzes up the built-in show tool:

The release also adds support for old SHARC data. It is almost 20 years since SHARC began operation at the CSO in 1995. With this release CRUSH pays tribute to this pioneering 24-pixel camera. Beyond the nostalgia aspect, the new module is also a demonstration of CRUSH's brand new ability to reduce multibeam maps, with an improved implementation of the Emerson II (a.k.a. Emerson 1995) algorithm. This means that the poorly sampled spatial frequencies of the chop can be filled as scans with different sky rotation, or with different chopper throws are reduced together.

16—17 July 2014 — CRUSH 2.20 Second and Third Betas

Beta releases (2.20-b2 and 2.20-b3).

15 July 2014 — CRUSH 2.20 First Beta

The first beta with the bumped-up version number (2.20-b1) is released for testing.

9 July 2014 — CRUSH 2.17 Second Beta Release

The second beta (2.17-b2) released. However, no stable 2.17 release is planned to follow. Instead, the version number is bumped to 2.20 for the next release.

2 July 2014 — CRUSH 2.16 Critical Update

The updated stable release of CRUSH (2.16-3) fixes a critical bug, which affected both prior 2.16 releases. In the previous 2.16 releases, point-source flux corrections were not properly applied in 'deep'-mode reductions (due to a number of ooopses), resulting in 'deep'-mode fluxes that were way too low. (Many thanks for Ting Su for helping to debug this!) If you are using CRUSH in 'deep' mode to reduce your data, please update your release immediately. You can download both the latest stabe release from the Download Page.

At the same time also announcing the first beta (2.17-b1) of the next release.

19 June 2014 — CRUSH 2.17 second Alpha release

The second alpha test release (2.17-a2),

19 June 2014 — CRUSH 2.16 Update

The update (2.16-2) fixes two obscure bugs, which trigger under spacial circumstances. In prior releases, sources in mask files were parse incorrectly between declinations of 0 and -1 degree. The second issue concerns the use of CET tau tables for GISMO's 2014 April run. This is due to some internal Java timeconversion issue, which is bypassed by using UTC tables instead (provided by Israel Hermelo). The update also fixes a versioning of the Debian package,

Get the update it from the Download Page, or see the complete list of changes.

2 June 2014 — CRUSH 2.17 Alpha release

The firts alpha test release (2.17-a1) introduces support for old SHARC data.

2 June 2014 — CRUSH 2.16 Release

The latest release (2.16-1) fixes a few major bugs, offers new and improved features, tweaks, updated configurations and smaller fixes. Grab it from the Download Page. The highlights of the release are:

24 April 2014 — CRUSH 2.16 Beta Release

CRUSH 2.16-b1 (beta) released.

9 December 2013 — CRUSH 2.15 Update

The latest update (2.15-2) brings many fixes and up-to date configuration for the 2013 Oct/Nov GISMO run. Grab it from the Download Page. The highlights of this update are:

25 November 2013 — CRUSH 2.15 Beta Update(s)

Announcing CRUSH 2.15-2 for beta testing.

27 August 2013 — Starship Asterisk

CRUSH is now listed in the Astrophysics Source Code Library (ASCL), where it can be found either as (permalink) or as The permalink can also be used for citing CRUSH in publications (it is linked to the CRUSH paper on ADS).

19 August 2013 — CRUSH 2.15 Release

The latest release (2.15-1) offers much improved photometry reductions for LABOCA and SABOCA, yielding more reproducible and reliable results. Grab it from the Download Page, and check out the latest Photometry Summary, to see just how well it performs. All instruments benefit from a tweak to the correlated noise removal, which can boost sensitivities by up to a few percent. The highlights of this new CRUSH version are:

8 August 2013 — Second beta of 2.15

The second beta (2.15-b2) released.

28 July 2013 — First beta of 2.15

The first beta (2.15-b1) released.

15 July 2013 — Bug-fix update (2.14-2)

The latest release 2.14-2 fixes a critical bug from the previous version. The release also introduces a new packaging paradigm, with the hundreds of source and binary files replaced by just a few JAR archives. The utilities, previously an integral part of CRUSH itself, are included as the kovacs.util classes. Here are the highlights:

2 June 2013 — CRUSH release (2.14-1)

The release 2.14-1 provides initial support for MAKO, based on the April 2013 run at the CSO. It also contains a large number of fixes and improvements across the board. Here are a few highlights:

12 May 2013 — Beta release (2.14)

Beta release 2.14-b1 is available.

14 Apr 2013 — New test version (alpha) available

The first (very early) test release of the next CRUSH.

14 Apr 2013 — CRUSH Release (2.13)

CRUSH 2.13-1, now available on the Download Page. Here are some of the main features of this release:

21 Feb 2013 — Second Test Release Available

Announcing the second beta (b2) test release of CRUSH 2.13

26—27 January 2013 — Website Update

miniCRUSH and CRUSH 1.xx Deprecated

The old CRUSH-1.xx and miniCRUSH packages are now officially retired. No one should need to use these antiquated versions now that CRUSH-2 can deliver more, better, and faster. However, archives of the outdated packages continue to be available for the very desperate.

Website changes

The web-site has a new look with a top navigation bar, and better support for printing pages. The site also received a few fixes for broken links and external references.

20 Nov 2012 — Test Release Available

First beta (b1) test release of CRUSH 2.13.

10 Sep 2012 — CRUSH Bug Fix Update

CRUSH 2.12-2 is an important bug fix update of the prior release, now available for download. The main issue was that LSS (large-scale structure) filter corrections were not applied, due to a programming error, resulting in somewhat underestimated deep mode fluxes. The reported deep mode fluxes were thus 5—30% too low, depending on the filter setting. Unfortunately several earlier versions of CRUSH were affected, probably going back to the first 2.10 release. Other changes include updated GISMO configurations, new colors to PNG thumbnails, and a fixed and cleaned RPM package (e.g. for RedHat, Fedora, CentOS, or SUSE linux distros).

20 Jun 2012 — CRUSH Release

CRUSH 2.12-1 released. The release brings CRUSH up-to-date with GISMO's April 2012 run, with new features, improvements and a current configuration for the finalized state of the instrument. There are also fixes and improvements for the function of other instruments, and to CRUSH in general (see the detailed list of changes). Here is a sampling of its highlights:

15 May 2012 — CRUSH 2.12-b1 (Beta Release)

The first beta release of version 2.12.

26 April 2012 — CRUSH 2.12-a1 (Alpha Release)

Early test (alpha) release of CRUSH 2.12.

16 March 2012 — CRUSH Update

The updated release 2.11-2. It fixes a number of issues with the first 2.11 release, and adds a few minor improvements, especially for GISMO. See the list of changes.

16 February 2012 — CRUSH 2.11-1

Announcing the next release: 2.11-1. This version adds much improved support for PolKa based on the December 2012 run. It also fixes a SHARC-2 poiting reduction bug, and reads the new GISMO FITS files. The release also offers many other small fixes and tweaks over the prior release. A lot of under-the-hood code changes should improve performance (slightly) and make CRUSH more robust/reliable. It also fixes the runtime error under Java 7.

12 January 2012 — CRUSH 2.11 Beta Release

The first beta test release 2.11-b1.

8 November 2011 — CRUSH 2.11 Alpha Release

The first alpha test release 2.11-a1.

15 October 2011 — CRUSH Update

CRUSH 2.10-1 is now released as stable, and is available for download. It introduces one of the most innovative new features to CRUSH (hence the bumped-up version number): a spectral motion filter, which can effectively get rid of the principal systematics of the scanning motion. The new feature already proved critical for getting rid of scanning artefacts in deep GISMO data. Other highlights of the release:

3 October 2011 — Beta Release

The first beta of CRUSH 2.10 (b1) released.

2 September 2011 — Alpha Release

The first alpha of CRUSH 2.10 (a1) released.

23 August 2011 — CRUSH-2 Update

The updated 2.05-2 release is now available for download, bringing some fixes and small improvements to the prior release (see the detailed list of changes). As usual, report bugs and issues back to Attila Kovacs attila[AT]

03 August 2011 — CRUSH 2.05-1

Released 2.05-1. Its highlights are:

27 July 2011 — CRUSH-2 beta (2.05-b2)

Updated beta release (2.05-b2) now really fixes the pointing bug for the APEX cameras.

19 July 2011 — CRUSH-2 beta (2.05-b1)

Beta release (2.05-b1). Attempted, but botched, fix for the pointing issues APEX cameras (when the pointing option was explicitly used). Another pointing fix for GISMO. It also offers object-dependent configuration, and improved diagnostic of invalid scans/subscans.

29 June 2011 — CRUSH-2 alpha (2.05-a1)

Test release 2.05-a1 available, fixing a GISMO pointing bug, and offering object-dependent configuration for the first time.

13 June 2011 — CRUSH-2 Update

The latest update (2.04-2) offers some important fixes and improvements to the automated GISMO pointing (based on a dynamic model and a pointing log). As usual a number of other fixes and tweaks are offered over the prior release (see the detailed list of changes).

28 April 2011 — CRUSH-2 Update

CRUSH (2.04-1) is a feature packed release. It brings more than the usual set of new features and important bug fixes, and offers many smaller improvements and tweaks. Among its highlights:

5–17 April 2011 — CRUSH-2 Beta Releases

Various beta releases 2.04-b1 through b9 were released, offering improved photometry, some cleaned up code (i.e. less funky bugs!), and fixes to recently surfaced issues...

3 April 2011 — CRUSH-2 Update Released

This update (2.03-2) provides bug fixes to the previous release. Specifically:

Get this latest release from the Download page.

21 March 2011 — CRUSH-2.03 Release

New version (2.03-1) of CRUSH is released. The major changes in this release:

Also updated the document on LABOCA photometry with CRUSH to reflect the improved photometric precision of the new release.

19 March 2011 — CRUSH-2 beta (b2)

Released the second beta (b2) of crush-2.03. It fixes a critical issue introduced in 2.02-1, whereby common APEX configurations were not loaded when CRUSH was run from outside its distribution directory.

17 March 2011 — CRUSH-2 beta (b1)

Released the first beta (b1) release of crush-2.03.

11 March 2011 — APEX Photometry Update

Added new document on LABOCA photometry with CRUSH to the LABOCA pages.

7 March 2011 — CRUSH-2 Update

Announcing the next version of CRUSH-2 (2.02-1). You can grab it from the Download page. In this update:

3 March 2011 — CRUSH-2 Beta (b3)

The third (and hopefully final) crush-2.02 beta release (b3) is now available. You can grab it from the Download page.

21 February 2011 — CRUSH-2 Beta (b2)

A second crush-2.02 beta release (b2) is now out for testing. You can grab it from the Download page. The new release adds support for inserting test sources into the reduction via the sources option.

8 February 2011 — CRUSH-2 Beta (b1)

The long silence was due to some busy work on CRUSH-2. The brand new crush-2.02 beta release (b1) is now out for testing. You can grab it from the Download page. The new release add support for chopped protometry reductions for LABOCA and SABOCA, and fixes a whole range of issues from the prior releases. Some new features have been added also. Have a look at change.log for the full list changes. The finalized 2.02 release is expected sometime next week...

19 November 2010 — CRUSH Updates

Updates are available for CRUSH on the Download page.

These are maintenance updates, offering various fixes, and updated configuration data for LABOCA and SABOCA.

26 September 2010 — CRUSH Updates

Updates released for all CRUSH versions. (CRUSH-2: 2.01-3; CRUSH-1: 1.63-14; miniCRUSH: 1.05-6). These are maintenance updates, offering various fixes, and updated configuration data for LABOCA and SABOCA.

17 September 2010 — Updated User's Guide

The online version of the CRUSH-2 User's Guide (README) now includes new sections on Map pixelization and smoothing, and on Image processing post-reduction. The document has been reorganized, with small edits here and there.

15 September 2010 — Restored default Java config

CRUSH version 2.01-2 restores the default java runtime configuration (32-bit VM and 1GB memory requirement). These configurations are easily edited in Thus, the update is not critical.

13 September 2010 — CRUSH-2 Update

CRUSH version 2.01-1 is now available for download. This new version replaces the previous buggy release. In this release:

10 September 2010 — CRITICAL BUG in 'faint' and 'deep' reductions!!!

A critical bug has been identified in the last release of CRUSH-2 (2.00-1), which likely affected a number of test releases before it also. The bug has to do with the output Jy/beam units having been normalized to the wrong beam size (instrument beam instead of image beam). The reductions are otherwise correct, but all fluxes reported by the CRUSH tools (or obtained otherwise from the output images) should be scaled by (1 + smoothFWHM2 / instrumentFWHM2) to regain proper jansky per image beam units. Extremely sorry for the inconvenience. The bug will be fixed in the next release, in just a few days.

8 September 2010 — SCUBA-2 modules available by request

CRUSH-2 now provides an altenative data reduction package for SCUBA-2 scans. CRUSH-2 can reach the instrumental noise limit, or recover large scale structures to 3'–4' and beyond. At the same time it runs fast and requires modest computing resources. See more about Using CRUSH with SCUBA-2. The only catch is that the SCUBA-2 modules of CRUSH are not publicly released with the rest of the software. You can still obtain a private copy of it for your science, provided you agree to the conditions attached...

26 August 2010 — CRUSH-2 Official Release

The first stable release of CRUSH-2 is here at last. Below is a quick overview of the improvements it brings to users:

Go ahead and get CRUSH-2 from the Download page, and/or check out the Documentation pages.

15 – 21 August 2010 — New Documentation

05 August 2010 — Parallel FITS reading BUG!

It appears that the FITS libraries are not thread safe, causing instabilities, when reading scans in parallel. Fortunately, the effect is generally small (which is why it was not easily noticed until now). The issue will be fixed in the next release. In the meantime, the bug can be bypassed by setting the reservecpus option s.t. scans are processed with just one processor. Sorry of the inconvenience.

28 July 2010 — RPM and Debian packages available

CRUSH-2 is now available as Linux RPM and Debian packages also. These install CRUSH under /usr/share/crush. Here you will find if you need to alter the runtime configuration. The installed executables (crush, show, imagetool...) can be run from anywhere. You can find the packages on the Download page. A basic man page for crush is also installed!

27 July 2010 — CRUSH Updates Released

CRUSH 2.00 (beta 4) Released

The last (hopefully) beta release before the real thing comes out in about a month. This latest update brings:

Please try out this beta release now, so that any remaining issues can be fixed for the final release. Report bugs directly to attila[AT], or post them to the project page. Thanks for your help, and enjoy!

CRUSH 1.63 Update 12 Released

This latest update provides only very minor fixes and an improved compatibility for CRUSH-2 images (see what's new).

28 June 2010 — CRUSH Updates Released

CRUSH 2.00 (beta 3) Released

miniCRUSH 1.05-5 Released

23 June 2010 — B1950 Coordinate BUG!

A critical bug has been identified with the CRUSH 2 beta versions 1 and 2. The bug should only affect some SHARC-2 reductions, whose the observing coordinates were specified in B1950 in the UIP catalog. The astrometry of these sources is seriously impacted due to a typo in the conversion code to J2000. If you are affected by this bug, please wait for the next release, which will be coming soon. Sorry for the inconvenience...

23 June 2010 — RSS Feeds and Mailing List

Three RSS feeds are linked from the project page to help you stay up-to-date with the latest CRUSH News Subscribe, CRUSH-2 Releases Subscribe, and CRUSH-2 Bug Notifications Subscribe. Subscribe to stay informed!

Alternatively, subscribe to the mailing list at to receive your notifications by e-mail.

21 June 2010 — CRUSH Updates Released

CRUSH 2.00 (beta 2) Released

In this first round of bug fixes since the first beta release (a month ago), a number of issues have been identified and fixed. The most critical bug concerns the dependence of calibration on reduction parameters. CRUSH is meant to make calibration independent of reduction options, such that calibration factors derived from default or bright reductions of calibrator sources can be applied directly to your science data, even when these are reduced with different options (e.g. with faint or deep). Unfortunately, this has not been quite true due to a number of bugs and features in the previous release. Hopefully, this update delivers to promise of robust calibration.

Here's a brief summary of the most important changes:

See the complete list of changes for details. If you are already using CRUSH-2, please update to this latest release. Users of CRUSH-1.xx and miniCRUSH are also encouraged to try out the new platform.

miniCRUSH 1.05-4 Released

This is the fourth maintenance update for miniCRUSH version 1.05, bringing minor fixes and enhancements, and freshly updated LABOCA and SABOCA configurations. See the up-to-date list of changes for details.

CRUSH 1.63-11 Released

The latest update to the CRUSH-1.63 release brings a few small fixes and improvements over the prior release. See the up-to-date list of changes for details.

24 May 2010 — CRUSH-2.00 (beta 1) Released

After many years of promises and waiting, here comes the first official release of the reinvented CRUSH. Based on the experience of the original CRUSH for SHARC-2, the package has been re-built from the ground up, to offer more vesatility both in its ability to support a growing number of instruments and in the way it can be configured. The new CRUSH is also many time faster, and built to take advantage of today's multi core CPUs.