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CRUSH Downloads

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CRUSH is an astronomical data reduction and imaging tool for select mm-wave, submillimeter, and far-infrared cameras (e.g. SHARC-2, SCUBA-2, LABOCA, GISMO, SOFIA/HAWC+). Download the latest CRUSH in the distribution format of your choice:

Alternatively, browse older releases, but be warned that many of these obsoleted versions may contain bugs and offer fewer features. You may also find deprecated versions of miniCRUSH and CRUSH-1.xx. Use older and obsoleted versions at your own peril...

CRUSH-2 is released under version 3 of the GNU General Public License (GPLv3). Report bugs to attila[AT]

Source Code

Alternatively, feel free to grab the complete source bundle of CRUSH, modify it to your delight, and/or build your own custom packages if that's your thing...

  • crush-src-2.41-1 [tar.gz] [zip] (31 January 2018)

See README.rebuild for instructions on (re)building CRUSH from the source.

Get Java

CRUSH-2 requires Java 6 (1.6.0) or newer. A suitable version of Java is probably on your machine already. If not, or if you want to use a different version of Java, then use one of the links below to grab the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), or the Java Development Kit (JDK) of your choice. If you have a 64-bit operating system, it is recommended that you get the 64-bit Java (JRE or JDK).

The GNU Java (gij), bundled with some older Linux distributions, is both painfully slow and does not always work with CRUSH.